Fresh Baked Games

Biscuit is a platform to play, create, and share party games. Host a game and have friends play along on their phones.

Step 1

Create a Party

Host a new party by tapping create party. You'll be given a secret code to share with your friends to join your party

Step 2

Join with your phone

Have you and your friends join the party. Scan the QR code on the game or go to and enter in the 4 digit code.

Step 3

Pick a game to play

Once all your friends are in the party pick a game to play together. Share the host's screen over Chromecast, Airplay, or on Zoom.

Our Games

Smart Cookie

Quiz your friends and become the smartest cookie at the party

Comedy Crumbs

Come up with witty answers to prompts between you and your friends. Vote for your favorite to find the best comic in Comedy Crumbs club.

Art of Baking

Sketch a given prompt then guess what your friends have drawn. Afterwards vote on your favorite works of art!

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